Perfect Layouts

I The spacing for all elements like headings, paragraphs and others are em based. Perfect vertical rhythm is now easy to work with!

Piecemaker 2

II I developed my own 3D slider extension to give you a smart solution and easy to use. The demo is ready for you! Give it a try!

Multiple Styles & Automatic Adjustments

III Skywalker comes with 8 beautiful color themes: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Grey, Magenta, and various scripts to keep the design XHTML valid and cross-browser compatible.

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Design features

  •  Perfect vertical rhythm. Please note that the EM based spacing does apply to tables, images, borders or forms; they must be styled individually.
  •  8 built in styles: Blue Turquoise, Red, Green, Orange, Magenta, Purple and Dark Grey.
  •  Amazing Sliders.
  •  Ajax Search.
  •  Fixed 980px design.
  •  Module title spans - first word have different color.
  •  Read More spans - last word have different color.
  •  30+ Module positions (standard layout missing column mass positions)
  •  Homepage does not show the date and site pathway but it does on other pages.
  •  Valid HTML and CSS
  •  Helvetica forever for all content and headings.
  •  Back to top smooth scroll another own jQuery code snipet that allows you to scroll to whatever anchor tags in your page. You can also build a one page web site if you wish.
  •  Unique and CSS3 powered search module.


  •  3 + 2 layouts - flexible content and columns positions & mobile devices layouts
  •  Fresh, beautiful and well documented, CSS3 Powered Typography with examples & code snipets. Additionally you have a unique vertical rhythm checking feature to help you keep up the good work on your content.
  •  Custom offline and 404 page
  •  CSS3 Custom Checkboxes & Radio Buttons powered by CSS Ninja. Click here to check now!. Please note: this requires: Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.6+, Safari 3.2+*, iPhone/iPod Safari**, Chrome 4+, IE9+ and it is disabled for "Remember me" checkbox of the login module. (Don't worry it can be done on request)
  •  jQuery & CSS3 Custom Select powered by jqTransform. Tested & works and in all major browsers including IE6.
  •  jQuery & CSS3 Custom Tooltips inspired by this tutorial. Test here.

Extensions and addons

  •  Skitter Slider 2.0 - the amazing slider on the Homepage, the best Javascript based slider for Joomla!.
  •  K2 Content Component - used for the Blog Pages.
  •  GK News Show Pro - the news shown on the Homepage.
  •  RokAjaxSearch Module - the search is better then ever.
  •  Nivo Slider - third party extension.
  •  The Piecemaker 2 - my own extension, the lightest and smartest out there.
  •  Custom modules like DNP_Tabs (own developed) and Simple Blank Module inspired by the original The Blank Module for using custom code snipets as modules.


  •  sigplus Galery used for Galery Page and others.
  •  1000+ handpicked icons for your menu items (located in images/icons-fugue and images/icons-silk folders from the Joomla! 1.7 Quickstart Package)
  •  DNP White Social - my first template comes with my first icons ever: simple white social icons to match the template design.
  •  glyphish sleek icons for your spicy content items
  •  8 beautiful background images for your website thanks to FreeWallpapers4Desktop.COM

T3 Framework 2.0 Inside



  •  IE6 Countdown - please help clean the web of all the old and bad technologies.
  •  Browsers: IE7+, Chrome 4+, Safari, Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.6+
  •  Joomla! 1.7 - includes Quickstart Installation with the very content you see here.
  •  jQuery - The template incorporates jQuery v1.7+ library used for various functions. No conflict is enabled.


  •  Full documentation for the template and extensions.
  •  Quickstart for both Joomla! 1.7 with beautiful sample data and module positions page.
  •  PSD Sources for the graphics used by the template.
  •  The Tools Panel allows you to switch layouts, menus, styles without leaving the page and without having to click apply all the time. It also displays valuable information about the styles or menus curently used and provides plenty of code snipets you can customize for your needs.
  •  Help will be provided via e-mail and/or by forum support. Click here to find out more..

Elegant Design

Crafted with 8 unique styles, Skywalker Template is a great kick start for professionals, corporate clients and blogs.

Awesome Typography

Enrich your content with block numbers, columns, text & code highlight, block quotes, list styles, image wrapping and much much more..

T3 Framework Inside

The man behind the T3 Framework Wikies releasing his first ever template for Joomla! 1.6. A fully featured template backed up by pure power and flexibility. Layouts, profiles, compression, Theme Builder, form replacements... everything you need packed up and ready to go!